Friday, February 8, 2013

HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart

HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart

UPDATE: The following procedure did not work for very long. See the new procedure.
If you are sharing an HP LaserJet 1020 USB printer over a network, and you have problems printing to it without restarting the print spooler service on the “server” machine (like people here, here and here are having), I found a solution that works for me. Maybe it will work for you too.

Quick Fix

Put the user who is printing to said printer over the network into the “Print Operators” group. If that doesn’t work (or you aren’t on an Active Directory domain – i.e. most users), try setting the security on the printer so that “Everyone” has “Print”, “Manage Printers”, and “Manage Documents” allowed. (Open up Printers/Faxes, Right click the printer, hit properties, hit the Security tab, select “Everyone”, put checkmarks in all the “Allow” boxes, hit OK.)
It may not be the most secure policy, but it sure beats buying another printer and then waiting around for the printer to get there. I find it makes a good “crutch” solution in a pinch.


The print driver on the 1020 is HOST based, not PCL based. The problem I was having was that anyone who was not an Administrator would trigger the issue. I surmise that the HOST based driver requires a certain level of permissions from the user in order to fire off the job properly. Weird, but now solved.

HP LJ 1020 Spooler Service Restart Revisited

My previous fix for the HP LaserJet 1020 Spooler Service Restart issue did not stick. Upon reboot of the server, the problem returned and was not correctable in the manner previously described.
I researched the issue again and found a Microsoft forum post where they actually fixed the issue. The fix goes as follows:
  • NOTE: Do this on the machine connected to the printer.
  • Run gpdedit.msc
  • Go to “Local Computer Policies\Administrative Templates\Printers”
    • Set the setting “Allow print spooler to accept client connections” to “Enabled”
  • Go to “User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Printers\”
    • Set the setting “Point and Print Restrictions” to “Disabled”
  • Close the Group Policy Editor
  • Go into the Printers and Faxes control panel, right click on the printer and hit properties.
  • Click the “Ports” tab
  • Uncheck “Enable Bidirectional Printing”
  • Close the Printer panels/windows
  • Run a command line, type in “gpupdate /force”, and hit enter
The forum fix was here.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Advice to employees on the proper use of the System Administrator's valuable time

(In following examples, we will substitute the name "Ted" as the System Administrator)

  • Make sure to save all your MP3 files on your network drive. No sense in wasting valuable space on your local drive! Plus, Ted loves browsing through 100+ GB of music files while he backs up the servers.
  • Play with all the wires you can find. If you can't find enough, open something up to expose them. After you have finished, and nothing works anymore, put it all back together and call Ted. Deny that you touched anything and that it was working perfectly only five minutes ago. Ted just loves a good mystery. For added effect you can keep looking over his shoulder and ask what each wire is for.
  • Never write down error messages. Just click OK, or restart your computer. Ted likes to guess what the error message was.
  • When talking about your computer, use terms like "Thingy" and "Big Connector."
  • If you get an EXE file in an email attachment, open it immediately. Ted likes to make sure the anti-virus software is working properly.
  • When Ted says he coming right over, log out and go for coffee. It's no problem for him to remember your password.
  • When you call Ted to have your computer moved, be sure to leave it buried under a year-old pile of postcards, baby pictures, stuffed animals, dried flowers, unpaid bills, bowling trophies and Popsicle sticks. Ted doesn't have a life, and he finds it deeply moving to catch a glimpse of yours.
  • When Ted sends you an email marked as "Highly Important" or "Action Required", delete it at once. He's probably just testing some new-fangled email software.
  • When Ted's eating lunch at his desk or in the lunchroom, walk right in, grab a few of his fries, then spill your guts and expect him to respond immediately. Ted lives to serve, and he's always ready to think about fixing computers, especially yours.
  • When Ted's at the water cooler or outside taking a breath of fresh air, find him and ask him a computer question. The only reason he takes breaks at all is to ferret out all those employees who don't have email or a telephone.
  • Send urgent email ALL IN UPPERCASE. The mail server picks it up and flags it as a rush delivery.
  • When the photocopier doesn't work, call Ted. There's electronics in it, so it should be right up his alley.
  • When you're getting a NO DIAL TONE message at your home computer, call Ted. He enjoys fixing telephone problems from remote locations. Especially on weekends.
  • When something goes wrong with your home PC, dump it on Ted's chair the next morning with no name, no phone number, and no description of the problem. Ted just loves a good mystery.
  • When you have Ted on the phone walking you through changing a setting on your PC, read the newspaper. Ted doesn't actually mean for you to DO anything. He just loves to hear himself talk.
  • When your company offers training on an upcoming OS upgrade, don't bother to sign up. Ted will be there to hold your hand when the time comes.
  • When the printer won't print, re-send the job 20 times in rapid succession. That should do the trick.
  • When the printer still won't print after 20 tries, send the job to all the printers in the office. One of them is bound to work.
  • Don't use online help. Online help is for wimps.
  • Don't read the operator's manual. Manuals are for wussies.
  • If you're taking night classes in computer science, feel free to demonstrate your fledgling expertise by updating the network drivers for you and all your co-workers. Ted will be grateful for the overtime when he has to stay until 2:30am fixing all of them.
  • When Ted's fixing your computer at a quarter past one, eat your Whopper with cheese in his face. He functions better when he's slightly dizzy from hunger.
  • When Ted asks you whether you've installed any new software on your computer, LIE. It's no one else's business what you've got on your computer.
  • If the mouse cable keeps knocking down the framed picture of your dog, lift the monitor and stuff the cable under it. Those skinny Mouse cables were designed to have 55 lbs. of computer monitor crushing them.
  • If the space bar on your keyboard doesn't work, blame Ted for not upgrading it sooner. Hell, it's not your fault there's a half pound of pizza crust crumbs, nail clippings, and big sticky drops of Mountain Dew under the keys.
  • When you get the message saying "Are you sure?", click the "Yes" button as fast as you can. Hell, if you weren't sure, you wouldn't be doing it, would you?
  • Feel perfectly free to say things like "I don't know nothing about that boneheaded computer crap." It never bothers Ted to hear his area of professional expertise referred to as boneheaded crap.
  • Don't even think of breaking large print jobs down into smaller chunks. God forbid somebody else should sneak a one-page job in between your 500-page Word document.
  • When you send that 500-page document to the printer, don't bother to check if the printer has enough paper. That's Ted's job.
  • When Ted calls you 30 minutes later and tells you that the printer printed 24 pages of your 500-page document before it ran out of paper, and there are now nine other jobs in the queue behind yours, ask him why he didn't bother to add more paper.
  • When you receive a 130 MB movie file, send it to everyone as a high-priority mail attachment. Ted's provided plenty of disk space and processor capacity on the new mail server for just those kinds of important things.
  • When you bump into Ted in the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon, ask him computer questions. He works 24/7, and is always thinking about computers, even when he's at super-market buying toilet paper and doggie treats.
  • If your son is a student in computer science, have him come in on the weekends and do his projects on your office computer. Ted will be there for you when your son's illegal copy of Visual Basic 6.0 makes the Access database keel over and die.
  • When you bring Ted your own "no-name" brand PC to repair for free at the office, tell him how urgently he needs to fix it so you can get back to playing EverQuest. He'll get on it right away, because everyone knows he doesn't do anything all day except surf the Internet.
  • Don't ever thank Ted. He loves fixing everything AND getting paid for it!

Sistem administrator-radna nedelja :)


9:05 Dolazak na posao. Kafa, čitanje novina.

9:20 Zvali su iz knjigovodstva, kažu da ne mogu da se povežu na server Accounting. Dao sam im standardan odgovor br. 112: "Hmm, ali kod mene to radi". Brbljao sam još malo a onda sam im savetovao da probaju da reboot-uju i da se ponovo uloguju. U međuvremenu sam sa UPS-a otkačio aparat za kuvanje kafe (ionako je kafa pri kraju) i ponovo sam prikačio kabl servera Accounting. Nekoliko trenutaka kasnije ponovo su zvali iz knjigovodstva i rekli da je sve u redu. Ništa lepše od zadovoljnog korisnika.

10:20 Ona krava iz marketinga se žalila da joj ne radi modem. Promumlao sam da cu je prebaciti našem stručnjaku za komunikacije i prebacio sam vezu kod domara. Ova moderna telefonska oprema stvarno štedi mnogo posla!

10:50 Šef je svratio kod mene; kao, množe se pritužbe na kvalitet korisničke podrške. Pitao sam ko se žali. Jasno,marketing. Šef je rekao da ce to rešiti, obavestio me da neće biti tu ostatak dana i otisao da igra tenis.

11:05 Taj ponedeljak me uvek dokosuri. Napisao sam u knjigu "Odlazak zbog kupovine disketa" i pobegao u grad.

16:20 Povratak iz "kupovine disketa". Pogledao sam na brojač poruka, bio je prazan. Izgleda da je uzrok tome to sto nisam ni uključio sekretaricu. Popravio sam to i dopunio napomene u dnevniku.

16:25 Odlazak kući.


9:10 Opet je kod mene navratio šef i opet je hteo da prenese žalbe one krave iz marketinga. Pokazao sam mu novi screensaver Hot Amanda, koji sam prošle nedelje preneo sa Interneta. Šefu se veoma svideo, hteo je kopiju, pa sam mu dao disketu i pitao ga kako ce rešiti žalbe. Odgovorio je da ce verovatno zaposliti još jednog radnika, jer ja ne mogu sve da stignem sam.

9:50 Stigao sam do osmog nivoa u DOOM-u.

10:25 Zvao je stručni savetnik zamenika direktora proizvodnje. Hteo je da zna kako se u Excel-u crtaju grafici. Rekao sam mu da za tako specijalne zahteve imamo stručnog savetnika i prebacio sam vezu kod domara. Dobro je što imamo te moderne telefone.

11:00 Došao je domar. Rekao je da ga stalno zovu neki ljudi i pitaju ga čudne stvari. Rekao sam mu da cu ga podučiti ako umesto mene sedne pored telefona na sat vremena. Pristao je.

11:05 Odlazak na ručak.

14:00 Povratak sa ručka. Domar je pošteno sedeo pored telefona. Rekao je da je telefon stalno zvonio i da je sve pozive prosleđivao u bife. Taj momak je stvarno dobar!

14:10 Počeo sam da podučavam domara (zove se Pera) DOOM-u. Bio je dobar učenik i već nakon nekoliko sati me je načisto zbrisao. Naslutio sam da ovaj momak ima budućnost.

16:00 Peri se završila smena, pa smo završili i sa školom DOOM-a. Meni je ostalo još sat vremena. Razmišljao sam šta da radim i setio sam se servera Accounting od juče. Nekoliko puta sam isprobao glavni prekidač, da proverim da li radi. Prekidač je radio bez problema; stvari su bile lošije sto se tiče UPS-a i servera.

16:30 Odlazak sa posla.


8:30 Šef je održao obećanje i doveo novog čoveka za tehničku podršku. Nekakav Milan. Pokazao sam mu prostoriju sa serverom, switch i postavio mu računar na sto. Malo se bunio jer dobio je samo XT, ali uverio sam ga da mu je za Windows sasvim dovoljan crno-beli ekran.

9:00 Milanov računar je upravo završio boot sekvencu. Milan je odmah počeo da se interesuje kako da se prikaci na mrežu; zato sam mu otvorio korisničko ime. Minimalnu duzinu lozinke sam podesio na 64 znaka, neka i dečko malo uživa.

9:15 Zvali su iz knjigovodstva jer im je potrebno korisničko ime za neku novu radnicu. Odgovorio sam da mi je za to potreban specijalni formular koji treba da potpišu šef odeljenja, svi ostali rukovodioci, magacioner i direktor. Malo su se čudili, ali su prestali čim sam im spustio slušalicu.

10:05 Zvala je nekakva Mira iz knjigovodstva, kao treba joj lozinka za mrežu. Po glasu mi se cinilo da ima između devetnaest i dvadeset; pitao sam je za ime, prezime, datum rođenja, bračno stanje, adresu i telefon. Pretpostavka je bila tačna - devetnaest, neudata. Zato sam joj rekao da ću joj lozinku isporučiti uveče, lično, na kućnu adresu.

11:05 Milan je konačno "poterao" svog XT-a i počeo da radi. Poslao sam ga po cigarete; samo neka se mladić uči.

11:20 Milan je doneo cigarete. Pokazao sam mu uputstvo za sistem AS 400 i rekao mu da sedne pored telefona, neka iskusi i praktičan rad. Onda sam otišao na ručak.

16:00 Povratak sa ručka. Milan je očigledno doživeo nervni slom - tri sata je pokušavao da pokrene server Accounting. Ispsovao sam ga i poslao po nove cigarete. Onda sam ponovo prikačio Ethernet kabel na server. Slika na televizoru se zbog toga malo pokvarila, ali posao na kraju krajeva ima prednost.

16:10 Sekretarica iz personalnog je pitala kako se uključuje kontrola pravopisa. Savetovao sam joj prečicu sa tastature Ctrl-Alt-Del. Zahvalila se i spustila slusalicu.

16:30 Uhvatio sam Milana kako u WC-u čita male oglase sa ponudama za posao. Pomislio sam kako je dan u potpunosti uspeo i otistao kući.


8:30 Opet se pojavio šef (zar će sad svako jutro da dolazi ovamo pa da ne stignem ni novine da pročitam), ali je na sreću doneo dobre vesti - Milan je javio da više neće doći na posao. Rekao sam da je činjenica da je danas teško naći čoveka koji nešto vredi. Mislim, stvarno! Da delim ovo toplo mestašce sa još nekim?!

8:55 Zvao je neko iz logistike, kaže da ne može da dobije YU fontove. Pitao sam ga kakav čip ima na grafičkoj kartici i, naravno, nije znao. Odbrusio sam mu da prvo sazna osnovne informacije o svom računaru pa tek onda da me ponovo zove.

9:15 Opet je zvao onaj iz logistike; saznao je da čipovi na video kartici nemaju nikakve veze sa fontovima. Odgovorio sam mu da nisam ni pitao za video karticu, vec za grafičku. Izvinuo se, rekao je da će to saznati i spustio slušalicu.

9:30 Zvali su iz ekonomskog, da im se na fakturama umesto kvačica na slovima pojavljuju akcenti. Bio je to već drugi slučaj sa fontovima tog dana, pa sam im obećao da ću nesto uraditi po tom pitanju. Posle kratkog razmišljanja odlučio sam da centralno promenim sve šablone dokumenata. Postavio sam bela slova na beloj pozadini; sigurnosti radi promenio sam standardni font na Wingdings.

10:00 Usred devetog nivoa DOOM-a navratio je Pera, pa smo zajedno igrali DOOM preko mreže i umlatili nekog morona iz drugog odeljenja. Pritom smo mu napisali sta sve mislimo o njegovoj nepojavnoj gluposti.

12:00 Pera me pitao da li bih s njim na ručak. Pomislio sam koliko me još debilnih pitanja oko fontova očekuje i otišao s njim. Posle se nisam ni vraćao na posao.


9:00 Dolazak na posao. Čitanje novina.

9:25 Neki nesrećnik iz planskog je zvao jer je zaboravio lozinku, pa je trazio savet. Savetovao sam mu da iskoristi specijalnu proceduru za obnovu lozinke - FDISK. Zahvalio se i spustio slušalicu. O Bože, zar i takvi ljudi imaju pravo glasa?

9:35 Opet je zvao onaj iz planskog. Problem sa lozinkom je bio rešen, ali se pojavio novi - posle boot-ovanja sistem mu je javljao Error accessing Drive 0. Rekao sam mu da je to hardverski problem i da mu treba novi računar.

10:15 Maler: onaj nesrećnik što smo ga juče satrli u DOOM-u na šestom nivou bio je šef. Uleteo je kod mene u kancelariju besan kao ris i nije reagovao ni na moj novi screensaver Obsession. Od ponedeljka imam šut-kartu.

10:00 Radim ono sto je radio Milan, tj. čitam oglase sa ponudom za zaposlenje i javljam se na nekoliko odabranih. U pauzama između telefoniranja doterujem makroe, dodajem naredbu DeleteDocument. Bez dobre sistemske podrske nijedna firma neće biti uspešna.

11:15 Našao sam novo radno mesto. To je u stvari potpuno ista funkcija koju sam imao ovde, i to u softverskoj firmi koja je prošle godine na tržište pustila novi operativni sistem. Na oproštaju puštam u mrezu crva, menjam raspored lokala na telefonskoj centrali, poništavam sve šifre za ulazak u zgradu i pakujem šolju za kafu.

14:35 Doviđenja!


TCP/IP - tri crna piva / i pelinkovac
DHCP - dva hladna crna piva
WINS - vina ima, natoci svima
ASP - ajmo svi pit'
SLIP - sad litru i pelinkovac
PPP - pijem pivo popodne
DVD - daj vodu drugima
ISA - idu stari alkosi
GPS - gorki pelinkovac svima
GIS - gorki i stella
ODBC - odnesi dva ballantinesa curama
DNS - daj nam sol-a
ARP - ajmo radije piti
PAP - prekaljeni alkoholicari piju
ADO - alkohol dolazi odmah
.NET - neka etanol tece
IRC - Ipak Rakiju Curama
PHP - Posalji Hladno Pivo
HTTP - Hocu Tamno Toceno Pivo
CGI - Cirkaj Game Ipak
SCSI - Svi Cugamo Sipaj Isto
AGP - Alkohol Gospoda Piju
DDR - Donesi Domacu Rakiju
MIRC - Ma ipak rakiju curama smile.gif
ICQ - iskljucivo rakiju qpujem
FTP - fermentaciju toplo preporucujem
UTP - uveliko tekilu pijem
DSL - duplu sauzu lemam
AGP - Ajde gruni pivo
URL - Ujutro rešeno lecenje
FTP - Fermentacija tocenog piva
TELNET - Tocena efikasno litra nocu eliminiše tegobe
PERL - Ponesi evo rakije litru
PING - Pivna industrija nikad gora
WWW - Votka vodi vandalizmu
3D - 3 domace
GPRS - Gulimo prvo rakiju subotom
WAP - Veoma alkoholno pice
BMP - Biceš mamuran posle
CNC - Cele Noci Cugam
URL - Unicum Radi Lepo
JS - Jagermajster Sipaj
HTML - Hladan Tuborg Mamurluk Leci
USB - Uspi Strejt Burbon
JPG - Jedno Pivo Gospodjici
DSL - Daj Svima Lozu
P2P - Posalji 2 Piva
CSS - Cugaj Samo Smirnoff
DOS - Daj Opet Smirnoff
CPU - Cirkaj Pivo Uvek
HDD - Hajde Domacu Donesi
ISDN - Isto Samo Duplo Natoci
PDF - Pijemo Do Fajronta
TTF - Toci Tu Finlandiju
UPS - Udri Po Sljivovici
UTF8 - Uspi Tocenih Fostersa 8
WIN XP - Votku Iskljucivo Na EKS Pijem
ZIP - Zenama Ipak Pivo
PPD - Pelinkovac Prvo Donesi
MySQL - Metaxu Jednu Stavi Kocku Leda
ISDN - Idi Sestro Donesi Nikšicko
CABLE - Cevcim Absint Bijuci Ludu Esmeraldu (stanje zvano koma)
T3 - Tuborga Tri smile.gif
LOL - Laško Olvejz Laško
VoIP - Vinjak odmah ispij pijandur