Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Service,Ej-Adjust,PowerOnly Menü

So people. I would like to explain here as you without a special remote control via a laptop and audio software how serial WinAmp can open the service menu of the ch. This you need play just the individual AUDIO files on the laptop. and there is no magic, even if it sounds so.

So download this file down:

Unzip on your PC, and then have your 4 audio files:

So, now we need a headphone connector and an old remote control or an IR sensor. You must cut the plug and sensor solder the cable with IR (previously from the old remote control IR sensor from solder). Then it looks like this:


now, take your laptop and this plug with IR sensor inside the headphone jack.


Download now from the Internet the audio player "WinAmp" down (possibly others also go) and installed the program. Is the IR sensor on the TV and starts an audio file (with Service menu that you want to open) on the laptop. But first turn the volume up!

Woalla! The TV reports with password input. "0413" enter password for menu just yet.

Sounds unbelievable, what? but it works

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