Thursday, February 23, 2017

hp laserjet and Initializing...

The only thing that really works is this solution:

1. Turn off the fax/printer and turn it on again.
2. Wait till the screen shows the Ready display.
3. Press the Menu (wrench icon) button.
4. Press the Left (Left arrow) button and the OK button simultaneously
5. You should see the 2ndary Service. Press OK to select.
6. Press right arrow until you find File Sys Format. Select that.
7. Wait until the system finishes the formatting. After that, the fax/printer should be fine and ready to receive new faxes again.

How To Factory Reset HP Laserjet M1212nf MFP
Problem: Unable to install HP Laserjet M1212nf MFP because the IP address on the printer was not in the same subnet as the devices within the network.

As a result it was not possible to access the printer using the web interface and ping requests also failed.

Solution: To make the printer detect an IP address within the network I had to reset the printer. It is a simple process:

1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the ethernet/network cable that connects the printer to your network device (router).
2. Locate the red X button and the right arrow button on the printer's control panel.
3. Turn on the printer and at the same simultaneously hold down on the red X button and the right arrow button.
4. In a moment you should see a 'Permanent Storage Init' message on the printer's display screen.
5. Answer the prompts for 'language preference', 'location', etc.
6. After that you see 'Initializing...' message then 'Ready/OK'.
7. Leave it like that and reconnect the ethernet/network cable.

After a few seconds your printer should have a new accessible IP address within the range of addresses for your network.
  1. Turning off the printer
  2. Pressing and holding the “Start Copy” and the “Cancel” button. (Easy, both are below each other.)
  3. Turning on the printer

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