Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is asset management?

What is asset management?

Asset management is a simple translation management effektiv. While here I will just keep on asset management related to the computer network.

I am a network administrator with some 200 computers in 6 different cities.

They say "bad administrator to see the worn shoes", that is great mileage.

What should you do?

Find software that will:
  1. collect data on all computers,
  2. on any computer which has hardware on it,
  3. what is the software-ea on it
  4. keep history of changes occurred either in software or in hardware of each PC.
  5. if you can take care of what I have equipment in each city
  6. would not be bad and to be able to draft some scheme of LAN and WAN
  7. when something was purchased, where purchased and how long the guarantee lasts
  8. to have some basic document management that I kept drivers or Manuale

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