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AudioCodes MP-114 - SAS (Stand Alone Survivability) configuration

[asterisk-users] AudioCodes MP-114 - SAS (Stand Alone Survivability) configuration

Joseph syscon780 at
Wed Jan 13 18:23:09 CST 2010

Correct me anybody if I'm wrong but I think SAS option is for WAN only not for the case if AudioCodes MP and Asterisk are on the same network.

I was trying to configure the fail-over mode in scenarios:
- Asterisk sever goes down (doesn't happen very often, never happened to me but it could) 
- hardware failure 
- power loss etc.

(It seems to me Audiocodes caters MS and/or close source hardware; they have many "doc" files on their web-page but very little or none pertaining 
to Asterisk configuration with their hardware MediaPack), so here is my solution without going through 500-pages manual.
So in the above cases the calls should go through IN or OUT without interuptions, Audiocodes MP can be configured for fail-over mode; my old Liksys 3102 CAN 
NOT, when power goes down and Linksys is up, the calls will not go through. 

Here is the relevant configuration for the above scenario:

Protocol Configuration -> Proxies/IpGroups/Registration -> Proxy & Registration -> 
Use Default Proxy: NO
Enable Fallback to Routing Table: Enable
Prefer Routing Table: NO
Enable Registration: Enable
Registrar IP Address:  (enter IP address of the asterisk server, very important)
Gateway Name: (none)
Gateway Registration Name: (none)
Subscription Mode: Per Endpoint
User Name: (none)
Password: Default_Passwd
Cnonce: Default_Cnonce
Authentication Mode: Per Endpoint

Routing Tables -> Routing General Parameters ->
Alt Routing Tel to IP Connectivity Method: SIP OPTION ; (in case asterisk and MP-114 are on the same network)

Tel to IP Routing ->  (your numbers and IP's will be different)
Src. Trunk Group ID  Dest. Phone Prefix  Source Phone Prefix  Dest. IP Address
*                    369                  *          
*                    *                    *          
*                    *                    *          

First line is for fax extension, there is no reason to forward it to asterisk, it should go directly to Hylafax (or your fax machine) regardless of 
asterisk status.
Without playing/entering all internal extensions, second line directs all calls to Asterisk sever. 
Third line is for fail-over mode in case of Asterisk failure, power failure, all calls are directed via to MP-114 so calls go IN and OUT without interruption 

In addition to these setting user must configure:

Routing Tables -> IP to Trunk Group Routing 
Endpoint Settings -> Authentication
Endpoint Settings -> Automatic Dialing
Endpoint Number -> EndPoint Phone Number
Hunt Group -> Hunt Group Settings

and Optionally: 
Manipulation Tables -> Dest Number IP->Tel


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